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Our Facebook Group is a safe place for you to ask questions and get support for all things Divi. We have an awesome group of Soupies just waiting to answer your questions and provide advice and encouragement. If this sounds like something you would like to get involved with we would love to have you join us.


Whilst there are many fantastic Divi Facebook Groups, Divi Soupies aims to be a little different. This is a group for education and self-improvement for Divi Designers, Developers, and Entrepreneurs.

Topics can be anything Divi or WordPress related, whether that is design, development, business or something else. The occasional Not Divi Related (NDR) post is also acceptable if you regularly participate in the group.

When posting questions you should be aiming for answers that explain the how AND the why. When posting solutions you should also be posting the how AND the why, rather than just a quick fix code snippet (which of course is still appreciated) so everyone can understand, learn, and grow.


Michelle Nunan

Admin, Chef, and Founder of Divi Soup and Divi Academy

Michelle is based in London in the UK

Shay Mann

Admin, Sous Chef, and Founder of Divi Pro

Shay is based in Virginia Beach, VA in the US


We don’t like rules, but they are essential to maintaining a helpful, safe, and friendly community. Before joining you will be asked if you have read these rules and agree to abide by them. If you answer anything other than “Hell yes!”, you will not be accepted into the group. If you simply don’t answer, you will not be accepted into the group wink



Search First

Our group (as with all Facebook Groups) has a search feature, please use this first as your question may well have already been answered several times over. If you do not find the answer you are looking for please post away smile


Ask beginner questions

No question is a stupid question. Our group is a safe place to ask questions where no one will make you feel stupid for being a ‘noob’ or not knowing something which may seem obvious to others. We do not tolerate negative or sarcastic comments in response to any question, those people are swiftly removed from our community!


Be excellent to each other

Our group thrives on positivity and we do not tolerate negativity in any form. If you want to rant about something Divi related please do so in another group that accepts such posts or directly to Elegant Themes. If you have an issue you need advice on, like an awkward client, that is completely acceptable.


Share on Saturdays

You may post any resources, free or paid, optin, payment gateway or not WITHIN THE SATURDAY SHARE THREAD ONLY. If the thread is not posted for any reason this does NOT mean you are free to post your content in individual threads! We operate a one and done policy on posting of these individual resources unless they are a relevant reply to a member question.


Post a link

If you are asking for help with a specific issue on your site, it’s almost impossible for anyone to help without a link to the issue. So if you want the quickest resolution possible please post a link with your question because we are just gonna ask you for one anyway wink



Post Spam

You know what constitutes spam and if we have to explain it this is probably is not the right place for you.


Self promote

You may NOT promote your own site or services unless someone is specifically looking to hire. This includes products, services, blog posts etc. both free and paid (check the Share on Saturdays rule). If you are looking to hire a Divi designer or developer then the Divi Freelancers for Hire Group is a good place to start. As with anything, please do your due diligence before hiring someone.


Private Message members

Do not ‘PM’ other members unless they have asked you to do so. If someone asks a question then it is of benefit to the whole group that the solution is posted in open forum. If anyone is found to be private messaging members offering to solve issues for a fee, or offering any unsolicited paid products or services they will be removed and banned immediately.


Question the Admin/Moderators

The admin/moderator’s word is final. If you are removed from the group then you broke a rule you agreed to abide by and that’s on you. We try to be tolerant and fair but decisions are made for the benefit of the community, not any one individual so if you do find yourself removed as a member please do not PM us asking why!


Post a link

If you think your site has been hacked, infected with malware or compromised in any way, please DO NOT post a clickable link to that site. You can post the URL in a non-linkable format, such as mywebsite(dot)com so that anyone willing to view the site can still access it.

If all this sounds fair and reasonable to you, we welcome you as a valued member of our community.

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