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Q21: Change the Read More Text and Other Elements in Divi

I have seen a fair few questions lately about how to change the text of the read more and pagination links in blog posts. There are some solutions around, but the main issue I have seen with these is that they don’t work now the blog module uses ajax to load the... read more

R40: How to Make a Call to Action Bar for Mobile Devices

This recipe was inspired by a question in the Divi Soupies Facebook group. A group member wanted to know how they could make a call to action button in the menu work better on phones and tablets. As you know, our beautiful menu buttons look great on desktops, but are... read more

Q18: Floating Publish Button in Divi without a Plugin

If you are creating long pages or posts it can get really tedious to have to keep scrolling back to the top each time you want to preview or publish. This little snippet puts an end to that tedium.

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F12: Pixel Perfect Blurb Modules

This free Divi layout uses the native Divi blurb and button module to create an equal height layout with overlapping icon, hover effect and bottom aligned button no matter the length of the content.

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Q16: Two Line Toggles and Buttons in Divi

Ever wanted two lines of text in your toggles and buttons in Divi? Whilst the title fields don’t support HTML, there is a workaround using pseudo elements.

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Bottom Aligned Buttons Layout

Bottom Aligned Buttons Demo Unzip and import the layout into a page (not the library). All CSS is in the modules’ Custom CSS tab. Download the layout! Column 1 Vestibulum ac diam sit amet quam vehicula elementum sed sit amet dui. Button 1 Column 2 Vestibulum ac... read more

R19: How to Create a Sticky Button in Divi

Recipe #19 How to Create a Sticky Button in Divi. The first of hopefully many tutorials requested by the Divi community. This one comes from Wendy Lovatt

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Q1: Styling the Back to Top Button

Here is the first of the Divi Soup Quick Snacks – Styling the back to top button and including an image.

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