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Q19: Replace the Divi Search Button with an Icon

Replacing the Divi search button with an icon gives a much sleeker look. In this tutorial I am going to show you how to do just that for both the Divi Search module and the default WordPress search widget.

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R38: How to Show a Default and Hamburger Menu at the Same Time

In this Divi recipe I will show you how to display a default styled menu along with a hamburger menu at the same time. If you need to create a site that utilises two menus, this solution using the built in Divi options, minimal code and no plugins is for you.

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F22: Eight New Shapes for Your Blurb Icons

This free Divi layout provides 8 new shapes for your native Divi blurb module icons. All shapes are created using CSS alone so no need to upload background images, simply use the built in icons and the CSS from the layout to display the shape you want.

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