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R44: An Overview of Divi 3.18 and WordPress 5.0

I woke up far too early this morning as I was so excited about taking the new Divi 3.18 backend editing experience for a test drive. I have to say, I am really impressed! I use the backend builder the majority of the time, but I also use the Visual Builder and... read more

R43: How to Highlight Active Links on Scroll and Click for One Page Divi Websites

If you are creating a one page website in Divi, chances are you are going to be using anchor links in your primary menu to enable the user to navigate between different areas of the page. The problem with this is that currently, Divi doesn’t provide any... read more

R42: How to Add Shape Dividers to Any Row, Column or Module

This one has been a long time coming but I finally put the time aside, and as it’s a visual effect, this recipe is in video format! So if you wanted to add the awesome SVG shape dividers from the Divi section settings anywhere else other than a section, here is how to do it.

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R41: How to Create a Scrolling Module Carousel in Divi

Recipe #23 – How to Create a Scrolling Image Carousel in Divi is by far our most popular tutorial, and it has gone through a few interations, both to make it more user friendly if you want to customise it, and also to keep up with Divi updates. Rather than... read more

R40: How to Make a Call to Action Bar for Mobile Devices

This recipe was inspired by a question in the Divi Soupies Facebook group. A group member wanted to know how they could make a call to action button in the menu work better on phones and tablets. As you know, our beautiful menu buttons look great on desktops, but are... read more

R39: How to Set a Custom Tab Order in the Divi Filterable Portfolio Module

The Divi portfolio tabs/filters are shown in ascending order by default, but what if you want them in a completely custom order, neither ascending or descending? Fear not, we can do this with some creative thinking and a little jQuery.

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R38: How to Show a Default and Hamburger Menu at the Same Time

In this Divi recipe I will show you how to display a default styled menu along with a hamburger menu at the same time. If you need to create a site that utilises two menus, this solution using the built in Divi options, minimal code and no plugins is for you.

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R37: How to Show the Gallery Image Title and Caption on Hover

In this Divi tutorial I will show you how to display the title and caption from the media library when hovering over an image using the gallery module. We will also be changing the dimensions of the gallery image thumbnails (optional).

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R36: How to Control the Divi Header and Slider Height and Content Position

In today’s recipe I will show you how to add a little CSS so that you can control the height of your header and slider modules, regardless of the amount of content, and position that content at the top, middle or bottom.

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R35: How I Created the Divi Soup Redesign Boxed Layout

Today’s recipe is the result of MANY questions asking how I created the boxed layout on the redesign of Divi Soup.

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R34: How to use CSS Grid with Divi’s Feed Modules

Today I am going to show you how to use CSS Grid with Divi’s feed modules so you can display your blog, gallery and portfolio items in any number of columns with very minimal CSS.

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R33: How to use CSS Grid in Divi

Ever wanted to easily create a layout and define exactly where each module is placed based on the device dimensions? CSS Grid is the new kid on the block that lets you do exactly that!

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R31: How to create a Random Header Image using the Divi Gallery Module

Didn’t think displaying a random header image was a functionality built into Divi? It is, well kind of 😉 In Recipe #31 I show you how to display a random header image each time the page is loaded.

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R30: How to create a Hidden Slide In Section using the Divi Toggle Module

In Recipe #30 I am going to show you how to create a hidden content area that slides in from the top of the screen on click, using only the native Divi Toggle Module and a relatively small amount of CSS.

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