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Divi Tutorials: Divi Recipes, Tips & Tricks for all levels of Divi users | Divi Soup - Part 2

The Divi Kitchen

Welcome to the Divi Kitchen! This is where I cook up all my Divi recipes to help you develop quicker, smarter and better. Most of the time what I create is based on requests or questions from the Divi Community, but sometimes you may find some completely impractical effects just for the fun of it. Enjoy x

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Latest Tutorials

F29: Hybrid Scroll Layout

Hybrid Scroll Free Divi Layout I had a request for this layout from our Facebook Community. Using the awesome ScrollMagic and GSAP jQuery libraries, the layout allows you to define a group of sections to scroll horizontally, whilst the rest of the content scrolls...

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F28: Fixed Slide-In Contact Form

Fixed Slide-In Contact Form Free Divi Layout I had some requests for this layout from our Academy Club Members, but thought I would make it free to everyone đŸ™‚ You can choose left or right alignment and the form will stick to the bottom on mobile. This layout uses the...

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R40: How to Make a Call to Action Bar for Mobile Devices

This recipe was inspired by a question in the Divi Soupies Facebook group. A group member wanted to know how they could make a call to action button in the menu work better on phones and tablets. As you know, our beautiful menu buttons look great on desktops, but are...

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Quick Snacks

Q15: Make your submenus visible for longer

I've been meaning to work on this one for quite some time. I've seen so many questions about getting the submenus to stay visible for longer, not least in the comments on my own post How to Create Slim Horizontal Submenus, but no solutions. So this quick snack is to...

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Q14: How to Style Specific Sections of Text

I have seen quite a few questions lately about how to style specific sections of text, either with a different colour, font or font weight etc. There are a number of way to do this, probably the most popular by using the tag, and that solution is fine. However, as...

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F25: One Page Agency Layout

This free Divi layout is great for agencies but could be modified for a number of industries. It features 11 fully styled sections with full page scroll effect you can disable if you choose. Use this free Divi layout to get your new site online in record time.

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F24: Elegant Blog Page Layout

This free Divi layout includes beautiful and elegant custom styling for your website’s blog page and sidebar. Using the native Divi modules, custom CSS and JavaScript to style and reposition elements, this layout will give your blog a truly unique look.

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F23: Space Saving Slider That Works Like Tabs

This free Divi layout uses the native Divi slider module with customised dot navigation to look like tabs. The content is much easier for your clients to update than tabs as the layout utilises all the standard fields you find in the slider module.

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